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Henna is something for people of all ages. It is calming, beautiful, and most of all fun! Originally, in countries such as ancient Egypt and India,  henna was used on brides before a marriage. Its purpose was to bring forth the wishes of the couple for their future endeavors. This was an opportunity not only to bring the brides family together but,  to unite the village in celebration of the union. Today it is still uniting people and bringing out the inner and outer beauty in everyone. Everyone's body composition is different this causes the skin to react in an exotic fashion with the henna. In this way, each design is unique to the person, further embracing the power found in originality. Sri is the Hindu goddess of beauty and prosperity. My goal is that every design brings forth the powers of Sri, beauty, prosperity, and self-love.  


Sri Henna is a business dedicated to bringing people beautiful and safe henna. We have been a part of a variety of local fairs, such as apple harvest day in Dover, NH. We have also been hired for a plethora of private events, such as private parties, weddings, proms, girls nights, and just for fun!